About Brooke Johnson

Brooke Johnson

is a self-taught visual artist, acclaimed actor… and engine-room monkey.

Brooke’s principal vocation is acting. A multi-award-winning veteran of stage, screen, and radio, she graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada in 1987. She has played in large and small venues across the country, has premiered many original Canadian plays, and has performed select roles in the classics. In 2007 Brooke wrote a solo autobiographical play, Trudeau Stories, which she has self-produced and performed over 250 times, in venues from coast to coast.

During the summer months Brooke and her partner, Adrian, live aboard a ‘79 Grand Banks Trawler with two ship’s cats, voyaging somewhere on the waterways of Ontario. They have been performing basic maintenance on the twin diesel engines and upgrading all other systems, since they brought it up the Intercoastal Waterway from Florida in 2007.

The Grand Banks Trawler

The home studio in Toronto, with workbench, small drafting board and wooden easel hanging overhead.

The Grand Banks Trawler

The Mary Mary, at anchor in The Pool, Killarney Provincial Park. Georgian Bay, Ontario, 2018.